Service costs




Besides the bare rent, the landlords also often charge service costs. These are costs for among others; gass, water and light. Your landlord asks a monthly advance to cover these costs. This advance is brought to life to cover the common costs, however, the actual costs are always lower. Thus there must be an annual statement of the actual costs with the advance.

It never happens that the actual costs are exactly the same as the advance. You probably guess right, the actual costs are in most cases lower. If not, then the landlord has to pay extra money. Of course he doesn’t take this risk, so he makes sure that the advance is always above the actual costs. Because of this, a buffer is created. However, this buffer has to be returned to the tenants. Unfortunately there is no control on this. To solve this you can contact us. We can reclaim the overpaid service costs up to 5 years ago. This means that you can already be moved and you can still address your landlord.