Performance fee

In case of a rent reduction we charge a percentage over the amount that the rent reduces for one year. The percentages can be found in the table below. If the rent does not reduce, our services are free.

Calculation example:
Rental reduction = € 100 per month
100*12= € 1200 per year of rent reduction
1200*0,33 = € 396 performance fee
Benefit customer = € 804

Performance fee
Cases up to € 500,-40%
Cases from € 500,- to € 20.000,-33%
Cases from € 20.000,- to € 30.000,-30%
Cases from € 30.000,- to € 40.000,-27%

Procedural costs

Many rental cases end up at the Rental Committee. The costs of a procedure at the Rental Committee are € 25.
If we go to court for you, the procedural costs are € 78. This amount must be paid to the court and is a condition to litigate. If we win the case for you, you will get the paid procedural costs back. This involves costs for court and the Rental Committee.